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fire-safety-preventionWhen it comes to fire safety it’s important to be well informed. This site is to keep you up-to-date on the latest fire prevention, notification and suppression strategies as well as fire safe products and equipment.

We will alert you to any recalls and breaking news concerning fire safety for your home and work environment. We will share information regarding fire retardants and fire prevention advances, along with new gizmos and gadgets that are available to keep the unspeakable from ever happening.

We will also bring you stories of brave fire fighters and everyday heroes who have saved lives despite the odds. We’ll include news of the courageous men and women who spend countless hours dedicated to keeping us safe from natural disasters like forest fires.

This site will bring you news on fire systems that have accounted for saving lives through state of the art alarms as well as their detection devices. We’ll report on suppression systems and the advantage of professional input using pre-planning schematics when designing a new home or commercial building. We’ll inform you of the most common causes of fires, thus helping you prevent any unwanted mishaps. Our articles on fire systems and safety will review different equipment objectively, based on well rounded research giving you an honest assessment. You’ll hear of product recalls before you purchase.

It is our pleasure to give our readers historical background on the noble fighter fire. This honorable profession was first introduced as far back as ancient Rome under the rule of Augustus.

We hope you enjoy our posts and we encourage your comments and input. As part of the readership we welcome your opinions. If you have experience in the field of fire safety or have used a product or service you would like to share more about, let us know. We look forward to assisting you with knowledge and expertise in the field of fire-systems. Be well and be safe . . .

The staff at Fire-system.