Fire For Enjoyment?

Paul's fire pitFire is often seen as the enemy. With fires currently raging throughout Alaska and Canada and threatening California, it’s not hard to think negatively about fire. Destruction and fire are synonymous – usually.

But let’s put a different spin on fire for this article and adjust our thoughts to incorporate the ideas of fun, comfort and sociability. You don’t always have to run away from fire in a fayetteville airport shuttle since fire can be a useful tool in many cases. Using fire safety systems, especially in industrial applications like mining and manufacturing, fire can be harnessed for a great deal of good. This article will address some of the positive aspects that fire brings into our lives and look at some of the common and ingenious uses of fire that we’ve discovered over time.

Old Fashion Fire Pit 

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting around a fire pit or fireplace and being mesmerized by the flames? It’s a source of warmth and comfort and social interaction. With the dawn of the 3D printer you might some day be able to print up marshmallows for roasting on the end of a trimmed stick, but for now your smores have to made the old fashioned way and roasted over the conventional fire pit. Naturally Fire Systems implores you to take every precaution when enjoying this outdoor pastime. 

Fire and Music

Pauls' Ruben TubeHave you heard of the Rubens Tube? It combines music with flames. Flames dance to the pulsation of sound waves. It demonstrates sound pressure and sound waves employing fire as it’s mode of expression. Picture a length of horizontal pipe that has holes punched in the top and that is sealed at both ends.

One sealed end is attached to a small speaker and the other to a supply of flammable gas like a propane tank. Once the gas is turned on and is leaking from the perforations, it is lit. The speakers are then turned on and the sound waves will create oscillating pressure points. Imagine this in your fireplace at Christmas watching the Yule log dancing to the rhythms of your favorite holiday tune. 

Camping Beacon

Paul's Fire BeaconKeep in mind that there are several places this summer that do not allow an open flame when camping.

There are also campsites that permit small contained fires and let’s face it, firelight is so much nicer than a propane lamp. So where permitted check this out. This is one way you can pack in and enjoy your own, lightweight, disposable, homemade torch.

Simply using a food can – anywhere from a small tuna can to a larger coffee size tin, some wax- paraphin or candle wax, corrugated cardboard, like from a grocery box you can assemble a handy camp side torch. Google to get full instructions for putting one together. Enjoy this safe, and relatively easy to assemble fire source on your next visit into the wilderness.

We want to stress that fire can be a source of comfort and entertainment and not just destruction and pain. For this reason we want to be sure that you are always safe and not stupid. Fire Systems views this next “fun with fire” as a little far out there to be considered on the must-do list, but what do you think? 

Fire Bubbles

Paul's Fire BubblesSome people love fire bubbles. They love to hold them, pass them along to the person standing next to them or simply gaze at the wonder of actually holding fire in their hands.

Naturally this activity must be done with extreme care and this isn’t for everyone. It is included in this article because it’s trending, but not because it’s especially smart.

This is how it works: make up a tub of soapy water, inject it with propane, which in turn makes propane filled bubbles. Scoop up the bubbles and light each one using a long lighter stick. They burn quickly enough so as not to cause your skin any harm since the propane is surrounded by soapy water. Pass them along or simply enjoy the sensation until each one goes out on it’s own. Sound like fun? For those fascinated with fire . . . apparently.

So fire isn’t always the cause of pain and suffering. It can be a source of amusement and pleasure. We at Fire Systems have great respect for fire and all of it’s uses. We know that fire can act fast and if used inappropriately yields disastrous results, so we always ask that you err on the side of caution.

Be Safe.