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Fire Protective Clothing

Paul's fire clothing pic
Who needs fire protective clothing other than the obvious firefighter?  There are many occupations that require safety gear to keep the danger of fire out of the equation. While some industries like Office Moving Company Guelph Ontario can get away with normal clothing on the job, welders, race car drivers, utility field workers, combat personnel and other high risk industries require fire resistant outerwear for protection.  

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Fire Safety Inventions

fire safety inventionsThere are a myriad of inventors who devote their lives to finding better solutions to solving potentially hazardess problems. 

Within Fire-Systems we are always on point when learning about any new life saving devices.  One of the ways we do this is by following products introduced through inventor competitions. The winners get to work with Electricians, Plumbers and other inventors along with fire safety regulators to design and install a variety of fire detection and prevention equipment in community buildings across the country. 

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